hi everyone do you recommend?
I would like to make a small economic system for the bedroom, intended to listen to white noise, FM radio, clock radio to get up in the morning. all this using a mobile phone and a pair of audio speakers that I have to choose and buy.
I don't want to use cables connected between cellphone and audio speakers but wi-fi technology (no Bluetooth), plus I want to use my voice to control the cellphone (I thought of google home-assistant) which must send music to the speakers (I don't know what range in terms of meters the microphone of the mobile phone can have).
at the hardware level I know some microPCs, the most famous is the raspberry but there are many others and therefore it becomes difficult to choose, then in cascade it also takes the DAC + amplifier and the price rises.
Alternatively there is the audio chromecast which is however out of production, perhaps there are others.
I don't want cables hanging around the room so I put everything inside the audio speakers except the mobile phone of course, consequently I think it takes 2 microPC or 2 audioCAST.
I don't know if microPCs or audio casts are better.
in the case of microPCs at the software level I do not know how it can be done. I think it takes software that acts as a server installed on the microPC and another software that acts as a client installed on the mobile phone. the problem is to be able to make google home-assistant work with the client software on the mobile phone.
I don't want to use the data traffic of the mobile contract and I don't want the wi-fi of the home line. so I use many audio files stored on the cell phone and the FM radio of the same.
I don't know if it is better to choose the hardware first and then the software or vice versa.
I'm not a programmer so I would like to avoid complicating my life with endless attempts at script settings and installations that never go to the first try and things like that.
bye thank you .