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Thread: teensy loader gobbling CPU

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    teensy loader gobbling CPU

    I'm running teensyduino 1.5.2 on Debian 9.

    Whenever there is no teensy connected, the loader is consuming CPU (currently 68% of one core).
    It does this regardless of whether I unplugged a working USB connection or started from scratch with no connection.

    The loader works fine in other respects - it's only when disconnected that it gets busy.

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    I spotted this happening again.
    I found 1.5.3 had been released so have installed that and updated udev.rules. However, teensyloader is still using a lot of CPU if no teensy is connected. It stops doing this if a download is initiated (falls to about 1%) but goes back to 50 - 60% if subsequently disconnected.

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