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Thread: Teensy LC. Making a voltage divider for input voltage

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    Teensy LC. Making a voltage divider for input voltage

    Hi All,
    I am working with very limited space in the controller I've made; yet I need to change the input voltage at a remote mini USB connector coming from the computer. There's no room for an additional circuit board and the voltage has to be changed at this location. My plan is to wire in a 2 resistor (1k,2k) voltage divider at the connector. There are 2 10k pots on 2 analog in pins and up to 25 digital (pullup) switch pins. The 2 pots will always be in play, but at most maybe 5 or 6 buttons will be in a closed state at any given time. Will I have enough juice for everything to work?

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    When giving advice it can be a little bit of a worry. No-one wants to give advice that could end up frying your kit. And this is the problem with a question such as you try here to put into words.

    My first advice is - take a sheet of paper and a pen - now draw the arrangement with every component given some label (for reference) - then take a camera and photograph your drawing and use the "Go advanced" option to upload your photo into the thread. Once friends can SEE what config you are trying to do, then they can safely make comment.

    If you need advice on HOWTO upload a photo, then worry not - just ask...

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