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Thread: selfmade Midi Controller with layers - which teensy? is it feasible?

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    selfmade Midi Controller with layers - which teensy? is it feasible?

    Hi there,

    I've been planning to build an DIY Midi Controller for a few months now. Originally I wanted to use an arduino
    because I have a ton of nanos lying around. Since I am studying and had no time my project got delayed by months.
    Also because I always wanted to add new features like the possibilty to use it as an Midi or DMX Controller.
    But I faced a lot of problems like not enough memory for my Code, jumping values that needed to be smoothed
    with memory an time consuming mathmatical operations, not enough Pins, missing hardware Interrupts etc.
    So I started to search for an alternative or better solution.
    A teensy seems to be perfect for my build with its software features like Midi Devices simulation and existing classes
    and its hardware features like better ADCs.
    But I'm completely unsure which one to use hardware-wise.
    So I'm asking for your help. These are my hardware inputs and outputs I want to realize at the moment:

    6 motorized linear faders (10-15kOhm) driven buy L293D

    10 rotary encoders

    8 potentiometes ( 5kOhm)

    1-2 7-segment displays

    6+ simple pushbuttons

    4 switches

    4-6 3,5mm jack inputs for piezo drum pads

    some status LEDs

    and I maybe want to add a LCD display later. So in general I want it to be possible to be extended.

    I have some 4051 (de-) muxer to use multiple devices with one Input which where somehow problematic with the arduino.

    software ideas:

    I want to have multiple Layers on my fadersl, encoders and buttons which can be dialed trough with buttons like on
    a standard digital mixer console so I can use multiple tracks.

    also the potentiometers Midi routing should be switchable with the 4 switches, so I can use them fpr different plugins at the time.

    So my questions are:

    Which teensy would be perfect?
    Do I really need a teensy 4.0 or 4.1?
    Did some one build an similiar Midi Controller and can help my further more?
    Is this to much for a simple Microcontroller?

    thank you in advance!


    and excuse my not-native-speaker, bad english
    and also it is all little embarrassing to ask these Question because I do actually study electrical engineering...

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    Wow, that's a big list.

    Similar here. Started building a Midi controller using a Mega 2560 and filled it up and yes, you can do all of those things with Teensy and I suggest looking at the T3.5, T3.6 or T4.1 for the many pins but you will still need to use Multiplexers, shift registers or whatever it takes.

    Forget CD4051 type multiplexer, instead look at 74HC4051 or 74HC4067.

    The T3.6 and T4.1 have usbHost which can be used to plug in more hardware.

    The T4.1's 600 Mhz clock speed means any wiring connected to an output pin can behave as an antenna and bathe the rest of your project with RF noise which you don't need so it's necessary to design this out especially if you want good analog readings.

    No problem with your English here.

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