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Thread: Run teensy3.2 with labview using command line.

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    Run teensy3.2 with labview using command line.

    Hello everyone, hope you are doing good. I am using teensy3.2 for my project and uploading my code into teensy3.2 using LabVIEW system Exec VI, this VI takes the location of a binary file in input argument and burns the binary file into the teensy3.2. but whenever I want to upload my code, I need to press the reset button again and again, please suggest me any solution that how can I upload code automatically, I do not want to press the reset button while uploading the code.

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    I usually run teensy_reboot.exe from the Teensyduino binaries to trigger a restart and automatic code upload. Doesn't work unless the serial port is closed though!

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