Hello, I am working on implementing FT8 audio processing using the Teensy 4.0.

I am basing my process off https://github.com/kgoba/ft8_lib

So far I have figured out that I will be getting very close to the full memory on the Teensy due requiring 13 seconds of recorded audio.

I am starting to think it isn't a fessable project but I haven't actually done anything but look at what the memory foot print would be. Since I am running the audio into a FFT would it benefit me to break up the work process audio as its recording and only store the FFT?

Also should I write a new FFT Block or just work on samples out of a queue with a FFT program. I know I will be processing audio and trying to pick out freqs in the FFT that are only 6.25 hz apart.

Is this a task that just isn't suited to even try on the Teensy?