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Thread: ESP32 with teensy audio Shield/library?

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    ESP32 with teensy audio Shield/library?

    Hello there,

    I wonder if there is any possibility to use the teensy audio shield (Rev C or D) with the ESP32.
    I found some librarys but I couldn't include them into my Arduino IDE.
    Also I want to use the two cores. One core to process audio and the other core for simple I/O and periphal tasks.
    Does someone know a solution or answer to this?


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    If there is a driver for the SGTL5000 chip, chances are good that the Audio shield works with the ESP.

    The Audio lib will not work - it uses the Arm Cortex DSP features, NXP chip timers, and needs additional modifications to the core library.

    So, easiest way is to just use a Teensy board.

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    I searched for a driver and the best looking was this one:
    But this mainly includes binary files and I can't use them properly in the Arduino IDE.
    Then I found this library based on the teensy audio library but without the NXP and Arm funktions:
    Now I just try to figure out how to initialize the I2S communication.
    The library uses the common esp32 I2S commands like on this website of the esp's manufacturer:
    But I don't figure it completely out yet how this works.

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