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Thread: Teensy 3.2 USB pin 4 (OTG)

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    Teensy 3.2 USB pin 4 (OTG)

    My project is designed around the Teensy 3.2. USB pin 4 (OTG) is connected to both micros. Is this needed? What if I use a 4 pin usb connector.

    Thank you

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    Quote Originally Posted by gezzuzz View Post
    USB pin 4 (OTG) is connected to both micros. Is this needed?
    No, it's not needed.

    8 years ago when I designed Teensy 3.0, and back when OTG was still "a thing", I had tentatively planned to do something with that pin. But those plans were abandoned and I can say with confidence we'll never make use of that pin on Teensy 3.x. We're also not ever going to support USB host mode on the non-EHCI 12 Mbit controllers in Teensy 3.x, now that Teensy 3.6, 4.0 and 4.1 have USB host on 480 Mbit EHCI controllers.

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    'out of the box' Teensy USB support is Device mode only on the provided Micro USB connector. So wiring two together won't provide them with a Host. Not sure about T_3.2 mods and software to support host mode - IIRC correctly a recent note was that T_4.0 and 4.1 doesn't offer that on the primary USB Micro connector, though like the T_3.6 the T_4.1 offers easy to use Host mode through a secondary onboard hardware and through hole pins - the T_4.0 can do this as well with more effort soldering to SMD pads on the bottom side.

    There is some degree of Serial USB support in that Host mode ... IIRC ... but I have not worked with it. If using one of those models One Teensy could Host a second with proper USBHost_T3.6 library coding.

    cross post with Paul - ...

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