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Thread: Stepper Motor Control via MIDI or something realtime

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    Stepper Motor Control via MIDI or something realtime


    I have a project in mind that involves getting a stepper motor to interpret real-time playback data (like MIDI or DMX) from an external source (IE: a computer playing MIDI via USB) and translate that into position data. I am not sure this is the proper place to ask, but I have built another project with a stepper and a Teensy 3.5 and it works really well.

    I am particular looking for the ability to sync a linear slider driven by a belt and stepper to music with some degree of accuracy and speed. I used MIDI as an example because I am familiar with creating music with it. However, most of the MIDI values range from 0-127 and that's not nearly enough for accurate positioning. I know that some DMX moving lights use a 16-bit positional scheme where 8-bits on the first channel control the coarse position and an additional channel is used for fine position.

    I like the idea of MIDI playback because I can CUE up several songs to play back in something like Reaper and get a varied motion routine. It's also dead simple to program and playback. But perhaps there is a better way that I can't think of. I have searched for motion controller software but I couldn't find anything that looked quite right.

    I suppose real time audio analysis might work, but that somehow seems less precise.

    I would like to get some feedback on what avenues I should be exploring.

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    Can be done with Midi. This link:-

    Discusses 14 - bit Midi messages and hopefully provides some insight.

    Another useful resource is:-

    Hope this is helpful.

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