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Thread: Weird TFT display like nextion but I2c (Think I bought a unicorn)

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    Weird TFT display like nextion but I2c (Think I bought a unicorn)

    Okay .. I'm good on ili9341's and LCD 1602s and LCD 2004s .. I had an opportunity to grab a 3.5" capacitive touch display that was i2c based as opposed to SPI ..(its an H35B-IC from Hundatech)..
    so after scouring the internet for driver libraries I finally located some documentation/library , an editor that allows you to upload "pages" to the display and some Arduino code to run a test/demo sketch .. so far so good it all works.. Then I got "stonewalled" as there was no direct low level graphics library functions and I wanted to run an FFT ... Damn.. I couldn't even identify the onboard graphics processor in hopes of finding an alternative driver library ..

    NEWSFLASH! its SSD1963QL9/ AU909AF just found out at 9:52 PM

    So it appears that the library is "incomplete"..(unless you just want to run widgets)....its similar to a "Nextion" display ...

    here's a link..

    Anyhow, I'll be more careful in the future ..and will most likely buy an ra8875 display.. So I'm putting this out there as just a warning about the low level graphics support well as asking if anybody on the forum has low level graphics library for this display..

    if my post is not appropriate, the mods can delete it .. no problem...
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