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Thread: An alternative enviroment for Teensy for commercial purposes?

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    An alternative enviroment for Teensy for commercial purposes?


    As my profile shows I'm a complete novice in regards to Teensy and I don't have any previous experience with the threads subject at all. So, my question is that how could one use Teensy for commercial purposes without using the arduino/other limiting open-source libraries? Is there a specific desirable way to achieve this or just multiple methods to choose from? I acknowledge that my understanding towards the subject is lacking and because of that, would also like ask you, where I could start learning more from, like giving me a direction to head towards. Thank you very much for your time and patience!

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    Read the licenses of the code that you use from external sources (i.e. the Teensy cores) and follow the guidelines in those. If license obligations are too onerous, don't use that library and write your own code instead.

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