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Thread: New (possibly yet another) SLIP framing library, a Stream decorator

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    New (possibly yet another) SLIP framing library, a Stream decorator

    Framing (say over a serial port or over some streamed connection) is often necessary so that data doesn't become unsynchronized, and also for relaying packets with a known amount of data. I've been using SLIP to do this (RFC 1055) (with some extra stuff to transfer UDP packet information such as length and source address) for a while now, and thought some publicly-released code would be useful to some.

    Some of the details, such as what to do with possible protocol violations mixed in with frame END marker handling, have different approaches. This library provides my approach to handling these conditions. It does one thing only: decorates a Stream object and tries to get as many details right as cleanly as it can. See the README for lots more information.

    Suggestions welcome.


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    Hi, i bit old this thread, nevertheless i find this interesting. Adding one example how to use to the repo would be helpful i think.

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