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Thread: T3.2 Hardware Serial RX buffer size change

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    T3.2 Hardware Serial RX buffer size change

    Hi all,
    just cheched the Forum and Google but I did not found an answer.
    I need to increase the RX buffer of hardwarewserial e.g. hardwareserial3 to 128 or 256 byte.
    Standard seems to be just 64 - at least in my environment ... !?
    I do not find any buffer size entry possibility in the .h or .cpp files?

    Have anybody of you a solution/hint for me?

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    In :: ...\hardware\teensy\avr\cores\teensy3\serial3.c

    look for >> #define SERIAL3_RX_BUFFER_SIZE 64 // number of incoming bytes to buffer

    On Teensy 3.2 best to use Serial1 or Serial2 as they are backed by an 8 byte FIFO to help transfer integrity with fewer interrupts. Serial3 works of course - but at high baud rates it will be more overhead.

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