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Thread: USB MIDI confusion

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    USB MIDI confusion

    I am attempting to use this page to assist in making a MIDI project (

    I have several Arduino boards along with a couple of Teensy boards.

    Under the "Transmitting Messages" I see there are usbMIDI calls. I am wondering where this is coming from since I have not included any sort of library. Also, the code never compiles unless I select a Teensy board within the IDE.

    Is this a built in library that is only used for Teensy? I have been looking for more documentation on the library but I am coming up short. I have browsed to the "MIDIcontroller library" hyperlink on that same pjrc page but it seems like it is not the same as the usbMIDI calls under "Transmitting Messages".

    I would really like to understand and see more documentation if it is listed somewhere, curious where it is pulling the library from or if it is built into Teensyduino.


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    That is built in to the Teensy core and only included when a USB type with MIDI is selected in the Tools menu with a Teensy board, so they won't work with standard Arduino boards. A lot of Arduino boards don't have native USB, but those that do have USB make use of this library: that library can be used in conjunction with the standard MIDI library: for full support.

    Note: Teensy can emulate MIDIUSB with a MIDI USB type selected so the same code will be compatible with both Arduino and Teensy.

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