Hello everyone, its me again.

This time, because i couldt find reliable Info somehow, want to know whats the maximum current i can draw from each pin.

I would love to know that because id like to design my circuits as safe as possible for my teensy 4, sometimes they randomly die, (3.3v regulator becomes hot as hell and doesnt provide anymore).

The following things have to be connected to my teensy pins:

12x N-channel mosfet logic level (do i need a resistor for the gate other than the 10k to GND?)

4x ws2812b data signal, going through 200 ohms and then to a 3.3v - > 5v level shifter (74hc125)

4x voltage divider on 3.3v pin with a 10k resistor for temperature measurements

4x PWM out with 25khz for PC Fans regulation.

Thank you very much All for your time and help in advance.