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Thread: Using one Teensy 3.5 to send signal to three others

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    Using one Teensy 3.5 to send signal to three others

    Hi everyone. I'm working on a project with acoustic ghost imaging that utilizes a 10x10 array of speakers to blast sound an at object in order to take a "photo" of it. To do this, I am planning on having one "master" Teensy 3.5 generate a random checker board - type pattern of random high and low squares over that 10x10 array, then send this pattern to three "slave" Teensy 3.5's. Each of the slaves will correspond to a section of the 10x10 array, and if there are high squares in their portion, then those speakers turn on.

    The issue that I am running into is that I am not sure how to actually use the master Teensy to send orders to the slaves. I've looked into RS-485, I2C, and SPI, and I am not quite sure which would be best. This rig will be small, so I figure RS-485 won't be best. I'm not exactly sure how I2C works honestly, but it is seeming like SPI would be my best bet. All in all, though, I am not entirely sure.

    If anyone would mind giving some advice, I would be very appreciative.

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    For the send - how much and how fast? The same data to all slaves?

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    The same data will not be sent to all three. The plan is to generate the random 10x10 array, the send each of the three slaves their own portion. Once received, the slaves will light up the lights that received the high signal in the random array portion. Does that make sense?

    As for the speed, it doesn't necessarily have to be fast. I haven't decided on a speed yet.

    However, all of the speakers in the 10x10 array need to fire at the same time.

    EDIT: I think that instead, I will send the same data to each slave using I2C. All three slaves can connect to one wire to the master, the master can send the same data to all three slaves, and the slaves only look at specific values within the data. For example, the first slave will only be interested in values 1-34, the second slave will look at values 35 - 67, and the third slave will look at values 68 - 100. Does this make sense?
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