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Thread: Teensy 3.x/4.0 CoreMark, Temperature and Power Benchmark

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    Teensy 3.x/4.0 CoreMark, Temperature and Power Benchmark

    Benchmark comparing performance (CoreMark), temperature (from internal MCU sensor) and power usage (electrical current i using USB serial meter) for Teensy 4.0/3.6/3.5/3.2/LC :
    Teensy 3.x/4.0 CoreMark, Temperature and Power Benchmark

    It is useful to help decide which Teensy 3.x/4.x is better for some tasks, like tradeoff between performance x power usage x etc.

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    More trouble with the 4.1

    Every third time I upload, I get:

    An error occurred while uploading the sketch

    No other explanations, but the sketch is loading, and teensy reboots.

    I would ignore it, but My serial monitor become disabled, even if the teensy works.

    Then I hit the push button on the Teensy once or twice at a minute interval, and the serial works again.

    I tried to run it at 528 MHz but that did not help.

    The Teensy gets power through the pins Vin and ground. 5v,

    The USB port also has power from the Mac, but it draws 0 mA if the external power is on.

    The port teensy selects is one, but another port shows in the bottom right.

    See attachments,

    I upload about a 100 times a day, this is hard. My 3.6 was working flawlessly in the same setup.

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    @laptophead - this probably isn't the best thread for this - but that isn't normal behavior when the sketch is running properly - at least on Windows. If there is trouble in the code or interrupts are disabled that can prevent normal Auto upload.

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