I know that breadboard friendliness is a key feature of Teensies and one of the reasons for their popularity. It certainly makes it easy to prototype with but makes higher pin count modules difficult (more difficult, perhaps). I was wondering if any thought had been given to adding another form factor - call it "compute module" for lack of a better term with, say, two rows of pins on each side. (Or other higher density packages.)

In making a PCB for the T4.1, I found that connecting Host USB and especially ethernet to have issues. Plus, the 2.4" length takes up board space and is somewhat limiting as to what can be placed under the teensy. A 1.6" x 1" T4.0 4 row variant could support quite a few more pins for example. It would be awesome if it had the ethernet phy on it. Choosing the right pins to be on the outside could make it somewhat BB friendly.

I honestly don't know if there is business case for this that works but it would allow me more flexibility in my board designs.