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Thread: Teensy 3.6 to communicate with bluetooth gamepad using HM-10 module (or BT dongle?)

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    Teensy 3.6 to communicate with bluetooth gamepad using HM-10 module (or BT dongle?)

    Hi everybody,

    I'm working on a project to get a gamepad talking to a Teensy 3.6 over bluetooth. This gamepad (the nunchuk from the Utopia Virtual Reality set) has no dongle, but has BT. I have been able to get a gamepad with a dongle to work on a Teensy 3.6 in the past, but this was by using the USB host function of the Teensy 3.6. For this application, I have access to an HM-10 BT module, which is able to "pair" with the nunchuk, but I am at a loss as to how to detect events such as button clicks and thumbpad motion. Additionally, I have been able to pair the device with my PC and use the pygame library to detect events.

    Any thoughts on how I can combine these two successes to get the Teensy to detect events and respond to gamepad inputs over bluetooth? I also have a BT dongle which can plug into a USB port. I don't know if this will work or anything about BT, really. Pointers or suggested reading would be very helpful!

    Thank you!


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    You might look at the threads:

    To see if we have had any one has worked on that one.. Does not sound familiar.
    We do have PS3, PS4 working over Bluetooth. We have XBox modules working with their wireless adapters. Still have issues with XBox One BT. Also have issues with Nintendo Switch controllers over bluetooth.

    At some point we will hopefully work on those again, but will require us to implement some of some of the other Bluetooth protocols to work.

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