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Thread: Can i power a MIDI in/out circuit with the teensy alone?

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    Can i power a MIDI in/out circuit with the teensy alone?

    I am planning on building a teensy 4.0 midi circuit, and have been looking at the info at

    However, i wanted to ask about the power supply. In the schematics, it looks like an external 5V source is required to be connected to Vin and pin 8 on the opto ic (apparently the 3.x and the 4.x versions share the same schematics):

    Click image for larger version. 

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    What's confusing me is that - judging by the photos of the finished circuit - the power supply seems to come from the teensy alone.

    I'm asking because - ideally - i'd like to build the circuit in a fashion that allows tapping power from the teensy alone. It would be nice to have the sole USB connection power everything.

    Could someone please clarify? Thanks in advance!

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    Yes, USB power is fine.

    When Teensy is powered by the USB cable, and if you haven't cut the VUSB-VIN pads apart on the bottom side, then the USB power will appear at the VIN pin. It is easily capable of powering the 6N138 or similar optocouplers.

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    Thanks for your quick reply!

    So by default Vin is an 5V output? No wonder i'm confused .

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