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Thread: Teensy 4.1 DAC Output

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    Yes, I like it too.
    For SDRs and such a test of massive overclocked ADCs would be helpful

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    Quote Originally Posted by PaulS View Post
    In case you're interested; I did a bunch of measurements on several DAC's. See this thread.
    The PCM5102A is my favorite from a cost vs quality perspective.

    I'd add a caution here: audio DACs and ADCs typically don't have accurate voltage levels, for instance the gain error on the PCM5102A
    is worst-case +/- 6% (+/- 0.5dB). This would be a show-stopper for any precision DC control uses, for instance.

    Audio ADCs and DACs are designed for ac signals where gain stability of 0.5dB or so isn't considered an issue, whereas for data
    acquisition or control purposes you typically want your gain accuracy to match your voltage reference performance.

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