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Thread: Wishlist: Card updates for T4 and T4.1

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    It would be nice to have the display work on a phone or tablet as my solder bench doesn't have a computer - though if designed in advance and pin table printed paper can work. Building a CUSTOM CARD

    Glad you got usable images - they were good photos - the RAW image from PJRC might offer less advance JPG'gery or higher resolution - but those seem to have good fidelity. As noted the browser expands well on screen - I did that and got 24 color BMP's - but 22MB too large to post.

    The rPi example KurtE linked seemed to have an elaborate set of features - not sure how many can be applied usefully to Teensy in your efforts.

    KurtE also noted the other possible place to post for viewing - if the wiki can do that.

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    As mentioned and shown, there are tons of possibilities, of things I like seeing at different times, sometimes with more or less information, but best way to show that?

    Things like:
    a) When looking at the images, would like to see an indication of what different pins can do, like shown on the main Teensy card. Could be as simple as a set of color bands next to each pin, like one color shows it is a serial pin, another SPI, another Wire, another Audio, PWM/Timer, XBAR, CAN, Analog, ...

    b) If I click on pin, maybe give me a lot more details about that pin, like for example I have pin 0 information like:
    AD_B0_03 1.3 17 RX2 CS1 RX1 1X1 0
    (It's actual native pin number, GPIO Port and pin, XBar pin 17, Can RX2, SPI CS 1-0, Serial1 RX, PWM on Timer FlexPWM module 1 sub module 1, Pin X )
    Most of this data is easy to see right off of my XLS stuff or several others have done similar: As I showed in message 1 above.

    c) Then simple groupings - like click on SPI, it highlights all of the SPI pins. Not sure if more than one of these on at a time? maybe again shown pins marked with color coded?
    Wonder if for example I click on SPI, should it have some sub-buttons that allow me to choose seeing all of them, or just SPI, or SPI1 or SPI2?

    d) Maybe show some higher level external grouping for things like Audio board, maybe a way to set some of these show that pin can still be used for other things as well. In particular SPI pins can still be used for SPI stuff... Again depending on how others might use this, do you have some way to lock a pins usage in. That is you say I am using Audio board, so show those pins as locked in?

    e) Other groupings that you see that others look for? Show all pins or Port1(note not sure if you want to say 1 or 6?) i.e. the port number you will see in reference manual versus the port number you actually mostly use in code? But for example for those who wish to do N bits at a time it would be great to see:
    Port 6, you can use the pins in this order to get these in one read/write...

    f) More subtle and possibly more confusing, is details about things like PWM and timers. Example why Paul's example on the forum for multiple PWM frequencies uses some PWM pins and not others?
    Example uses pin 2 but NOT pin 3? (could be other way around as well). That is because they are both on the same: FlexPWM Module(4), sub Module(2), but different pin. Each of these Module, SubModule can have up to 3 pins (A, B, X). Again my Excel document shows which timer is used.

    Note: Not all PWM pins use the FlexPWM timers, some use Quad Timers, like Pin 10 uses Quad Timer module 1, Timer 0... Note: I like seeing this data as well as because there are other sub-systems who may want to use Quad timers for other things like (capturing Timer inputs and the like) so I like to see if I use PWM on pin 10... That timer is used. Note: I show that there are a few pins that actually have both types of timers on this. (Pin 6 and 9), in these cases PWM uses the FlexPWM timer.

    I also marked in the PWM area but not in PWM colors, those pins that are connected up to General Purpose Timer (GPT). As maybe they may come in handy for other things...


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    Yes, this is item #3 on my to-do list.

    Quote Originally Posted by defragster View Post
    The 'void' on the T_4.1 card backside will be nice when filled.
    I've added this thread to my list of high priority issues. I'll carefully read the many suggestions when I'm farther along with items #1 & #2. But unfortunately, in the meantime we had to get another batch of the cards printed. So even if I wrap up those other things soon, it's going to be a while until more Teensy 4.1 cards are printed.

    Those 2 other high priority items which are blocking documentation are #1: T4.x bootloader chip, which involves sorting out how we're going to support use of encrypted firmware written to the flash chip, and #2: updating the distributor list and showing it (somehow, maybe a sidebar) on the main website.

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