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Thread: connecting a MIDI keyboard to my teensy 4.0

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    connecting a MIDI keyboard to my teensy 4.0

    hello dear pjrc forum,

    I want to build my own little synth with a teensy 4.0 and the audio adapter board. Maybe this seems like a stupid question but how or better said where would i connect a MIDI-keyboard?

    Are there some pins on the platine to build an own connection? Or can you just only work with a MIDI-keyboard, that is connected to a computer, and never run a "standalone" setup with just the teensy, the board and the midi-keyboard?

    Sorry for my lack of knowledge, i'm just a beginner!

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    Hello, use the USB Host and connect your (hopefully) MIDI Class Compliant keyboard directly to it. It works great! You need to connect to the USB Host pads (D+ and D-) on the bottom of the T4.0 and also provide 5V and GND. The T3.6 and T4.1 has dedicated pins, which makes life easier. Look at the examples in USBHost_T36 --> Serial --> MIDI for code to use the host with MIDI. You also need to make a cable to give you a USB type A socket to plug in to.

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