I create the USB driver to communicate with the device accordantly detailed Paulís description at this topic: https://forum.pjrc.com/threads/60414...6-direct-write

It communicates with new generation of the device successfully. (The communication speed is equal 12Mb/s accordantly enumeration.cpp debug data)

However, the previous generation of the device has feature (bug?). It is capable to return different device descriptor which depended by communication speed. To correct work, I need device descriptor with bcdUSB = 0x100, but driver automatically choose higher speed and wrong device descriptor with bcdUSB = 0x200 is returned by device.

Is it possible to preventive decrease the speed to 1.5Mb/s in USBHost_t36 library to communicate with device which support higher speed?
If yes, how it could be done?

Any suggestions are appreciated.

Thank you