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Thread: What's the status of Xbee wrt to Teensy4

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    What's the status of Xbee wrt to Teensy4

    I've been using 433mhz modules for a bit and they're giving me some trouble. I have seen Xbee modules used for over-the-air diagnostics and I'd like to try one out either to diagnose 433mhz or replace. There has previously been a Teensy Xbee shield but its out of stock. If I wanted to use Xbee with Teensy4 is there an easy way to get started? Any other recommendations besides Xbee for this?

    All I have now are cheap 433\315 modules attached directly to UARTs. I had noisy comms working previously, but now nothing is coming through on the Rx but noise and I need a diagnostic.

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    I have played around some with XBee (Model 1s) on T4 and recently with T4.1

    Connections, you should be able connect up to UART pins as both are 3.3v... My last connections were sort of convoluted. I was using an Arduino Shield (Lynxmotion Servo Shield) which have 3.3v 5v converters on board to allow connecting Teensy to something like Arduino Uno. So on my board to talk to it, I had another set of TTL converters, to convert 5v back down to 3.3v... So the TX and RX go through conversions up to 5v and then back down to 3.3v... At least enough for the Robot connect the board (robot) up to a simple Arbotix Commander (XBee controller by Trossen)

    Probably the sparkfun T3.1 XBee adapter would work.

    I have used the Sparkfun XBee Explorer regulated with some Teensy, but this one converts signals to 5v which does not good for T4, but I believe you can instead solder wire to one of the connections near the XBee that is before the TTL level converter to upshift the connection back to the processor to get the 3.3v output.

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