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Thread: Firmware.hex File

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    Firmware.hex File

    I'm using VS Code/PlatformIO on MacOS 10.15.5 to develop code for a Teensy 4.0. I'd like to be able to generate a hex-format object file and send it to a collaborator so that he can download it to a T4 without having to replicate my development environment. It appears that a "firmware.hex" file is being generated during my normal build process, so I'm hoping that this file can be emailed to my friend and downloaded using only the Teensy Loader (which I assume he can install separately).

    The build message is "Building .pio/build/teensy40/firmware.hex". I've been poking around but haven't been able to find this file, and I'm admittedly not an expert at finding hidden files. Are my assumptions/guesses above correct? If so, where can I find the hex file, or how can I generate it? Other forum searches haven't produced any clear results.


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    Finding the resultant HEX file will be all that is needed as indicated for use with TeensyLoader.

    Not familiar with PIO build to say exactly. But build likely occurs in some TEMP folder - that may be exposed in earlier output if visible. It may also be specified in the build control files.

    On Windows it might be in a folder in "%appdata%" - what the MacOS equal to that is directly or if it uses a user default TEMP folder specified otherwise.

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    Right click on the .hex file in VSCode and select "Reveal in Finder"

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    The .pio directory is in the same directory as your platformio.ini

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    ...and there it was! (after I pressed Cmd+Shift+Dot to expose hidden folders/files)

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