I'm working on fmcw radar system.
Radars are working on the same frequency, thus they need to be switched on and off so that only one radar transmits at any moment "time domain multiplexing".
I'm using teensy 4.1 boards to control each radar.
Each teensy board is connected to a ethernet switch or router (they are connected in one network).

I need a server board that will send "allow" signals to each slave. And after slave receives this signal, it turns high one of GPIO ports for fixed and hardcoded period of time "eg. 100uS".
I could use standard udp packets etc, but it turns out to be not very reliable way to achieve this because there is huge delay.
I need time "t" showed on scheme below to be 1us or less.


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Please guide me if PTP is the way to go here? Does Native Ethernet library for teensy 4.1 works with PTP and how to use it?