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Thread: custom board layout for teensy

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    custom board layout for teensy

    I have a project that incorporates a teensy 4.0 along with 2 other very small boards, one is a CAN transceiver, another is a accelerometer. I'd like to get them all onto one board in a condensed package. I am new to the electronics world so I don't know if this is possible or how to go about it if it is.

    has anyone done this before and could give me a few pointers?


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    Since you are new to electronics, you have quite a mountain to climb. Your best bet is to create a PCB that mounts pre-built modules. It would act as a carrier and provide the needed wiring. That minimizes the amount of electronics knowledge you need but does require PCB design skill - not a small hill but manageable. look at kicad.

    The next step up is to mount all the non-teensy components on a PCB (instead of modules). It will be smaller but requires more electronics understanding. Based on CAN bus and accelerometer, it is possible to create a PCB that is the same size as the teensy. Though I would make it a bit bigger to add things like mounting holes and secure connectors.

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