So after many hours of trying I finally figured out that I have 2 problems with trying to stream music via the RN52SRC to a pair of headphones, and I've been searching and reading with all my free time for the last 1.5 weeks to come up with a solution. I believe the reason why i can't get my prototype to work is because A) the RN52SRC wants to be an I2S master, and therefore has no MCLK. I think I could make the teensy an I2S slave but I don't think that will work because I still want the option of using the I2S DAC for a physical headphone jack as well when not using Bluetooth, so my thought was to use the SPDIF output to the RN52SRC, and keep the I2S output for the sgtl5000 and the headphone jack. But that's not the only problem with I2S and the RN52SRC, which brings me to problem B. Problem B also affects the SPDIF route because the RN52SRC wants a 24bit signal and the teensy audio library will only do 16bit. So I've seen lots of references on the forum of other projects using 24 bit some of them going back 5 years. However I cant seem to find a library anywhere that will let me output 24bit SPDIF signals. So I'm asking is there anyone who can post a link, or point me in the right direction. Or if anyone knows of a Bluetooth source module that will work with the 16bit format, that's easy to source and reasonably priced. I have spent probably just as many hours searching the internet for Bluetooth source modules only to keep coming back to the RN52SRC because that's all i can find through mouser, digikey, adafruit, sparkfun, and anywhere else that actually lists prices, and allows the average Joe to buy them.

If I cant find a way to transmit 24 bit audio to the RN52SRC, or find a different Bluetooth module I guess my only other option is to pass an analog signal to the RN52SRC, but obviously keeping it digital is the preferred method.

So any help, hints, or pointers would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.