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Thread: Wide angle hi res camera for use with Teensy

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    Wide angle hi res camera for use with Teensy


    I am looking for a wide angle camera for use with Teensy, ideally 180 degree lens or close as possible.

    Anyone got any ideas?


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    Out of curiousity, what do you want to do with the camera? Do you want to use the Teensy to control the camera (turn it on/off, etc.) or do you want to do image processing on the Teensy? Bear in mind, in order to do any image processing, you will need lots of memory (i.e. Teensy 4.1 with one or two optional psram modules soldered on to the board).

    You also may be limited in the speed you can get data from the camera, since Teensy does not support high speed data like HDMI.

    It may be a better fit if you use a Raspberry Pi with a camera. The latest Pi camera is 12MP, and it takes interchangeable lenses:

    Now, in the past, I tried to use the original Pi camera (5MP) and I believe the second generation (8MP). Both of these were so bad at indoor, no flash shooting, I just returned to using traditional cameras.

    You might look at the OpenMV camera. It has an Arm M7 (like the Teensy 4.0/4.1 use) and you can evidently program it in micro-python, and it can communicate via USB or SPI. This takes a standard M12 lens mount, so you could look for a wider angle lens:

    I would imagine if all you want to do is have the Teensy control when a picture/video is taken, you might be able to interface with a lot of action cameras.

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    I have already interfaced a Teensy with the OpenMV camera and it works with out a problem. In my case I used the OpenMV to objects edges and used it to send edge positions to the Teensy for obstacle avoidance. So just to use the Teensy to tell the OpenMV when to save a picture or send it over wifi is relatively easy. Check their forum for more info.

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    Thats true that OpenMV camera using spi standard. I have that configuarion setup with ARM M7 and its quite okay.

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