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Thread: Need reliable 915mhz units compatible with Teensy4

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    Need reliable 915mhz units compatible with Teensy4

    I've been using simple 433mhz units with my Teensy 4 and I see that I can only get bit rates of 10khz. I need bit rates of 40khz, and according to initial research, I may be able to get this with 915mhz units. Ideally I would like the same sort of simplistic units I had for 433mhz, but I can't find any. I need to be able to drive the units with simple on-off keying with no packetization or UART overhead. Do these exist?

    At present, the only 915mhz units I have are CC1101. There are some old threads in the forum about Teensy compatible libraries for CC1101, but it seems they went cold. Is there good support for CC1101 with Teensy using hardware SPI etc?

    I'm not sure the CC1101 can be configured to operate driven by a single pin. I know its configured over SPI, but can you drive them directly from a single pin once configured?

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    By simplistic do you mean OOK modules? IMO those are too simplistic, a proper transceiver module like the CC1101
    (nRF24L01+ is another widely used transceiver) would be more performant in terms of selectivity, sensitivity... Any
    Arduino library ought to work as these transceivers are SPI based and usually 3V. No single pin operation for a transceiver,
    they have registers to configure on reset, and use SPI for everything.

    Most crude OOK modules generate RF splatter and aren't friendly to anything else on the band (or outside it - this is probably
    why they are heavily bandlimited - to keep unwanted emissions mainly in-band). OOK signals also break through into audio
    equipment rather easily compared to FSK/GFSK.

    There are probably modules that wrap a transceiver and microcontroller to present a simple serial interface though, worth
    looking for something like that.

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