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Thread: Teensy 3.2 not recognized after programming in 16 Mhz mode (accidentally)

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    Teensy 3.2 not recognized after programming in 16 Mhz mode (accidentally)

    I accidentally programmed the teensy in 16 Mhz (no USB) mode. Now it's not recognized by the computer. I tried holding down the white button on the Teensy to force it go into program mode, but that doesnt happen either.

    Note that the Teensy is not dead. It is running the program that was last loaded onto it (control TLC5940).

    Any help would be appreciated.
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    Do a desired USB aware Blink or other sketch and a Verify build in the IDE .

    A single press/release of the Button should put it in bootloader mode.

    Alternative is to unplug USB and PRESS Button while plugging in USB, then release the button should leave it in bootloader mode.

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    I tried those ( Didn't help. I am aware I can't program the Teensy with FTDI breakout boards so don't know what happened. The Teensy refuses to enter bootloader mode. I tried on another computer but same issue.

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