I am trying to use a Teensy 3.6 that is soldered into a breadboard. I have a SparkFun AS7265x spectral triad attached to the Teensy. When my USB cord is plugged into the Teensy and the computer, the spectral triad lights up (meaning that it is getting power through the Teensy and breadboard). However, the Teensy's light does not blink and the program/reboot button does not work. If I try to upload any code, the Teensy Loader application says to push the Teensy's program button, but does not recognize it when I do so. I am concerned because the Teensy's light actually DID come on about an hour ago when it was first attached to the computer via the USB cord, and the program/reboot button was initially working. Now, it is not. I have attached and reattached the USB cord, restarted my computer, and checked the wiring on the breadboard. Is there something else I can try before assuming that this Teensy is broken and buying a new one? Thank you in advance.