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Thread: Schematic Review: Modified Teensy 3.5 Circuit

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    Schematic Review: Modified Teensy 3.5 Circuit

    I'm making a custom PCB for my neuroscience lab to record and generate different signals during experimentation. We're currently using the Teensy 3.5 for the 5V tolerant input pins and 2 DAC outs for true analog outputs.

    With our PCB, I wanted to have multiple possible power inputs, as USB alone from a hub often does not yield enought current (~250mA needed). I used diodes to handle different input voltages. We also take in signals from a rotary encoder, and have several analog and digital I/O through BNC. The PCB will end up in a metal enclosure roughly 110mm x 80 mm, with height 30 mm.

    My schematic is not too different from the 3.5 schematic, just with those added features.

    Any feedback or suggestions are very appreciated! This is my first PCB design, and I'm using EAGLE.
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