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Thread: Beginner question about the lcd

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    Beginner question about the lcd

    Hello there and thanks in advance for answering .

    I am currently trying to connect a 20*4 LCD to a Teensy 3.2, but it does not work. I have connected it like this:
    Vss-> ground
    VDD-> power (3.3V)
    V0->middle pin of the potmeter
    RS-> pin 10
    RW-> ground
    E->pin 9
    D4->pin 5
    D6->pin 3
    D7->pin 2

    When I do this, it only lights up and that is all. I cannot change the brightness with the potmeter and I also can't programm any text on it. Does anybody know what is going wrong? Maybe the lcd only works on an aruino (that is 5V)? I hope that anybody can help me out.


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    Hi Joris,
    We need little bit more info in order to help you.
    Could you post the sketch you are using? What exact display are you using? [see also the Forum Rule on top of this page...]
    BTW: you can not adjust the backlight with that potmeter; the potmeter is there to adjust the contrast/viewing angle of the LCD display.


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