Hi there! I have been using the fantastic teensystep for some time, and am just starting to tidy up my code and finalise it for use in my car dashboard project. The one remaining function I'm trying to implement is a re-zeroing function in the event that the steppers become out of alignment somehow.

To do this, I look for a flag called resetsteppers being equal to 1. If I see it then I engage the code in line 345. This seems to work, and I see the steppers stop, return to where they think zero is, then they run against the stops to re-zero, but when the rotatecontrol takes back control from step control, I ask it to run to the desired step target but for some reason the steppers all jump to maximum steps and then back to their old incorrect positions. I can't work out why this is happening - how do I re-introduce the rotatecontroller with the steppers now at the zero position?

Thank you!StepperDuinoNEW.ino