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Thread: Redeclaration error from Teensiduino

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    Redeclaration error from Teensiduino

    When I open a brand new sketch in Arduino/Teensiduino and enter "float y0;" as the first line, this error occurs after verify:
    ""float y0" redeclared as different kind of symbol".

    This doesn't occur when the line is "float x0" or "float z0;". It doesn't occur when the board is set to Arduino Uno, but it does happen when set to Teensy 3.6, Teensy 4.0, and Teensy 3.1/3.2.

    Is "y0" a reserved variable name?


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    Yes, looks like the C library is defining y0(), y1(), yn(), j0() and other functions with global scope.

    These names can be used as local variables, but not global variables.

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