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Thread: Teensy 3.6 Development System

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    Teensy 3.6 Development System

    Evening all,

    It took a while but I finally got my Teensy 3.6-based synthesiser development system up and running. Two of them actually, A and B, so we can develop on one and test the other in the studio.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Hello, looks very intriguing. Any more details? Can you play anything you like on it or is it limited only to the hits of Justin Bieber? (I've never listened to him by the way.) Are you outputting audio via the T3.6 DAC or a codec chip? Are you using the Audio Library?

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    It uses a routine PJRC audio board for good quality sound.

    In this initial build, I've set it up to use a couple of oscillators, LP/HP filter, envelope generators etc so it's a very conventional virtual analogue instrument that plays by MIDI and USB. Version 01-01 will use band-limited oscillators. Version 01-02 will get Moog-style filters. Version 02-00 will go into additive synthesis (Walsh, Fourier et al), Karplus-Strong, Granular and possibly PM/FM too. And so on...

    Also, whilst it doesn't play the hits of Bieber, you can hit him with it, should you feel the need.

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    Any demo? I'll show you mine if you show me yours..?

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    Sure. Let me get it to the point where it's doing something interesting instead of the generic copied mono synth project and I'll upload a vid.

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    I now have a rather basic mono synth working. The sound quality from the audio board is good, and way better than the DACs on the Arduino DUE I had been using in a previous version.

    Adding pitch bend and modulation wheel today. Can't get the delay unit to work as expected.

    I also have a roadmap - granular, FM, Walsh tables etc...

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Can't get the delay unit to work as expected.
    what is it doing? do you need some feedback on the delay?

    cheers Paul

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    My bad entirely. I had the Delay connected up incorrectly - only one of the elements connected when I should have had all four. Sorted now.

    Presently trying to get the delay time to sync to MIDI clock.

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    Here's our first "Milestone" video illustrating the progress with our Echo Synthesiser thus far. It presently uses any of the built-in audio functions, which sound rather good.

    3 x PolyBLEP oscillators, each with it's own LFO
    White Noise generator
    12db/Oct State variable filter (LP/BP/HP)
    Filter Envelope modulation (LFO & Envelope)
    Bit crusher
    Dual Mod Wheels (Depth and Rate)
    External control of oscillator wave shape, oscillator mix, delay time, attack rate etc


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