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Thread: UDP Ethernet Connection to the Behringer X-Touch

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    UDP Ethernet Connection to the Behringer X-Touch

    I want to build a midi controller. As a interface I would want to use the Behringer X-Touch, which has motor faders, displays and encoders.

    Based on the attached pdf it seems that the X-Touch and its faders, encoders and displayed can be controlled via a UDP connection and network messages. The controller has a Ethernet port.

    Should ia direct UDP connection to it via Teensy 4.1 and itís Ethnernet port work or do I miss something?

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    Yes you can, it uses rtpMIDI and there already happens to be a library for it that works with the Teensy:
    I've only tested this on a Macbook with the Macbook connecting to the Teensy 4.1, but the library does support the other direction if you connect to a known IP Address it should have no problems connecting to the Behringer standalone.

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