I was involved in the 1st Maximite and Colour Maximite , and was so to say my job to made and fix keyboard for some country.
After that my work evolved and i was no more able to stay active in the project.
With a German guy's i made the 1st STM32 Maximite , but then he was not able to stay as on my side i have not allot of time the project was retaken from Peter Matter , Geoff Graham who invented the Basic interpreter continu now with Peter to make evolve the project on the new Colour MAximite 2.
I just have made the FR KB Layout and fixed a bug in the German KB , here stop my involvement in this project , with more time it will be easier to take active part but ... hmmm ... it's not the case
Soon i go to Hinkley Point close from Bristol to install 7 Robots i programmed here in France , it's for the new EPR Power plant and i will be a little over booked
But so long i'm at home (this week and next but not sure) i try to play with the T4.1 and as i said , i know this MCU for little more than one week now.
For the maximite 2 use the STM32H7xx MCU and for memory it use 8Mb SDRAM , it's this card : https://www.waveshare.com/product/mc.../coreh743i.htm
The VGA is done directly from the integrated 2D engine (LTDC + DMA2D) , it's why i know VGA so good , i have do VGA 1st time in 2013 with this project : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=axJRn_WZFY0
I am a fan of the C64 so I liked the idea of running basic on a modern CPU
Well , for me it was the ... Amiga ...