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Thread: Does the SEN0253 board work with the Teensy 4.0?

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    Does the SEN0253 board work with the Teensy 4.0?

    I am currently working on a project that requires the use of the SEN0253 board. Is this board compatible with the Teensy 4.0 using Teensyduino? If it isn't compatible is there an all in one board that includes an IMU and a barometer that can be used with the Teensy 4.0?

    Link to board on digikey:


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    BNO055 definitely works using Sparkfun's library. It's one of several I2C devices that went into this I2C test board.

    Here's an old thread where BMP280 was confirmed working.

    As nearly as I can tell, that SEN0253 is just those 2 sensors, so I'm pretty sure it will work.

    The schematic for that board indicates it has 10K pullup resistors built in (the 1 issue that sometimes comes up, as Teensy 3.x requires resistors) so that part is covered (even though Teensy 4.0 uses weak pullups, like Teensy 2.0 and most of Arduino's boards).

    Like with all I2C projects, a good first check is to use File > Examples > Wire > Scanner to check the I2C chips are connected and responding.

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    Thanks for the response! What is the best way to have my account deleted?

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