I'm starting to switch to VSCode with PlatformIO. Still early in the transition as I'm working on a few things and haven't had time to properly dive in.

Agreed on the usefulness of the plotter. Seems like an excellent compromise, though I do wish it at least had a "pause" button.

I did some testing with various frequencies and all seemed ok given the constraints of the downsampling in the plotter. I then added a USB output on both Teensys and monitored on the computers and things looked ok I believe. I will try adding back the USB inputs next.

I was doing some planning today and I realized I2S isn't going to be an option for me. I'm planning on two SGTL5000s, which means two stereo channels in and two stereo channels out (4 pins of audio data on the Teensy). To add the connection to the second Teensy would require a stereo in and a stereo out (2 more pins) and according to the notes in the design tool there are a max of 5. So I don't believe I can do quite what I want in that case. This is ok, it just means I have even more motivation to get SPDIF working!

Thank you!