I'm hoping to get some help on why my teensy seemingly is dead and how I might've killed it. This is the second teensy I've seemingly killed; the first was in a less stable platform and so I assumed I just shorted a wire at some point (both exhibit the same symptoms though). This second one is in a pcb with no visible shorts anywhere and I wasn't handling the actual teensy much if at all when it died, which leads me to think ESD wasn't likely. I've been working on a balance bot but had just been dealing with getting the orientation code working at this point.

  • Teensy not recognized by teensy loader
  • Cannot load new code
  • Most recent programmed code (previously working) does not work
  • No serial device shows up when connected via usb

Troubleshooting done so far
  • Voltage on 3.3v pins measures 3.3v
  • Attempted 15 second reset with no luck or led flash
  • Inspected for shorts and found none

Source Code: https://github.com/Str8AWay/aether/t...perOrientation
Error Messages: None really besides not being able to connect to a serial console or really have anything recognize the teensy
Only the 1st 4 in the list below were actually being used by my code at this point.

Custom PCB. I did cut the Vin Vusb trace, so it's powered via the 5v regulator and then just data over usb. This is obviously a potential problem source, but my code had been working with this pcb fine for a while before things stopped working.
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PlatformIO in CLion on a Mac