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Thread: Teensy 4.0 header for pins 24-33

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    Teensy 4.0 header for pins 24-33

    Is there a recommended SMT header for pins 24 to 33 on the Teensy 4.0? I need access to those signals and I already have through-hole headers on the other pins. It seems difficult finding an SMT header that has the correct solder tail length. I hope there's something that I can get easily through Digi-Key or Mouser.


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    Sometimes when wanting to do this, I use one from the Sparkfun header kit:
    I use a cutter to remove extra rows of pins.

    I know digikey sells some as well. With some of them that I thought the tails were a little long, I used cutter to shorten them slightly. But then again I usually only build one board at a time for my own usage. Maybe something like:

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    Ok. Thanks KurtE. I am also just building one at a time, so I guess I will try just cutting the pins to the correct length.

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    Be careful when soldering the header. There are a number of 402 and smaller components near the pads. They come off very easily and manage to vanish once free of the PCB. VoE.

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    I did one Teensy 4.0 where I just soldered wires on to the teensy. It wasn't successful, in that some of the wires have since come off. I tried to fix it and I managed to pull the solder pads off of 1-2 pads.

    After that, I used some of the PCBs for bringing out the underneath pins. I like this one from Trainer4Edu/FRDM4236 in that it was breadboard friendly. It turns out it also had the same pinout as the Teensy 4.1 for pins 24-33:

    Of course since the Teensy 4.1 came out, I have been focused more on that than the 4.0.

    And to echo PhilB's post, I did manage to destroy another Teensy 4.0 when I was trying to solder some of the wires.

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