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Thread: Can't send from Serial Plotter to Teensy

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    Can't send from Serial Plotter to Teensy

    At the bottom of the Serial Plotter on Arduino 1.8.13, there is a text entry box and a 'Send' button, as well as a widget to select line endings. In a recent program I added code to plot histogram data on the Serial Plotter. I would like to activate this function by sending a 'g' character to my Teensy program. I never seem to get the character at the Teensy. Is this a known issue? Is it unique to the current version of Arduino and Teensyduino? (I'm working with 1.8.13 and TD 1.53 and using a T4.1.

    I'm burned out for today, but I'll post some sample code in the morning.

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    If the plotter works in the same way as the Serial Monitor and you only type the 'g', it won't be sent. You have to hit Enter as well.


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    I have this exact same issue. I'm waiting on a character reading from Serial to continue.
    It works in Serial Monitor by sending the relevant char, but it doesn't work in Serial Plotter. Both are set to "Both NL & CR", and I tried various termination settings.
    I hit 'Send', or if I tap 'Enter' it doesn't matter.
    arduino 1.8.15/ TD 1.54 / T3.2

    Surely someone would have come across this before. Any ideas?

    Nevermind, answer found here:
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