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Thread: Programming a Teensy 3.x, when another is also connected thru USB

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    Programming a Teensy 3.x, when another is also connected thru USB

    When I have two Teensies connected to my Mac, I can't program either of them. I can select one from the Teensyduino Port setting prior programming, and it seems to do the job, but it doesn't, and after the operation the Teensy doesn't boot and it just disappears from the system. I have to disconnect and reconnect both Teensies to get them online again.

    Of course I can disconnect the other Teensy before programming, but this is somewhat clumsy and inconvenient.

    I'm on OS X 10.14.6, and using Teensyduino 1.53.

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    When using multiple Teensy good results can be found with TyCommander.

    It replaces Teensy Loader to Program the selected device, and also SerMon to allow watching them both in tabs or multiple windows with Ctrl+M ( on windows ).

    However when 'Port' properly selected before Upload - at least on Windows - and with nothing connected to it ( the IDE SerMon is disconnected as it is built in ) - as long as the other Teensy is not in 'bootloader' the Teensy Loader should work to hit the right Teensy to upload.

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