This is just a rant.

I buy things every so often and put them in one of my someday boxes, but when it comes to actually using the feature, the someday box has disappeared. And it doesn't help that I was about 1/2 way (maybe 1/3 way or 1/4 way) done organizing things when I needed to clean up the man cave (err, living room), so I threw everything else into multiple boxes. So I really have to get back to cleaning and organizing things to find what I'm looking for.

In particular, I bought an Adafruit Featherwing INA219 along with a standalone INA219 with the goal of building a volt/amp-meter that can measure peak volts, amps, and watts on powered gear. Well, I want to measure how much power my my micro-4/3rds E-m5 mark III camera uses via a dummy battery doing different operations, and I want to build a setup where I can feed it the 7.4-9v power and have the Teensy tell me what the peak amps/watts were

I have several volt/amp meters that will tell me the instantaneous voltage and amps, but there I have to mentally track what the highest amps are, which can be tricky if I need to operate the camera at the same time.

One of my meters connects to a cell phone via bluetooth and it can graph the results, and even create a table of values, that I can export to my computer. But this meter is limited to 5v/USB input only. I do have a setup where I can boost the 5v/2.1a USB to 9v/1a after running it through the meter, so I can use that if need be. But I would rather use the voltage that the camera sees.

Finally, I have another meter that also connects to my cell phone via bluetooth, and it can handle voltages in the 3.6 - 32v range. This meter is very handy in that you can feed in USB micro-B, USB-C, or 5.5mm x 2.1mm power, and it has similar options for output. But the display software on the cell phone is rather lacking. There is a graph on the cellphone, but I can't seem to zoom in on the range that I want to look at. So, I'm left with trying to guess, was that peak amps 0.3 or 0.4a?

So now I need to find one of the INA219's.