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Thread: Teensy 3.6 and FTDI board

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    Teensy 3.6 and FTDI board

    Hello everyone,
    I am using teensy 3.6 and FTDI Board. When i try to connect Teensy 3.6 with FTDI Board doesn't work..In arduino ide it shows no teensy board was found to upload. can anyone help me out from this issue..i have installed driver for ftdi board and the connection was also looks good.


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    an fdti board can not be used to program teensy. You need to connect the usb cable directly from teensy to pc to program. fdti board only works for serial uarts, but they will NOT reprogram teensy

    the only reason it works on arduino is because Serial uart on pins 0 and 1 goto an fdti chip to the usb connector, so by attaching an fdti board to Serial still can reprogram, but it's different on Teensy as the uart does not share with the usb,they are independant, and USB is way faster flashing

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