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Thread: teensy stepper control first time building a pcb,

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    teensy stepper control first time building a pcb,

    hey im looking to try build a pcb for stepper control,

    im using 8 steppers with a teensy 4.0,

    i have so far built up most of the pcb but have started to worry im missing something.

    i have a screenshot of the board in kicad
    as you can see its not finished im just wokring on the basics to see how it looks,and thought id ask other before i continue down some hole.

    so far my setup is

    8x tmc stepper drivers-- all drivers are 3.3 compatable
    bluetooth and hc12 adaptor for wireless control. 3.3 compatable
    regulator for the teensy vin pin,
    a couple of buttons and led to show its started up and thats about it.
    8 x motors

    i have added the needed caps to vmot and gnd as normal and added resistor to the ms1 pins to ground.

    other than this is there anything else i should be doing?
    its my first time im doing a pcb are my lines ok or should i have them set up differently,i have tried to make the input voltage go direct to motors and have made the stepper pin adaptors as short as possible,

    i havent added any diodes on input or fuse's should i?
    as at times i may be powered via battery>vin and i would still be using usb serial at times i should cut the vin trace to vusb?

    my input voltage will either be a ac>dc 12volt input or it will be 14.8v4s2p lion pack connect via a bec to an xt60,if my bec brings down the voltage to 6v should i be fine to put that directly to the vin pin on teensy?or should i use my own regualtor still.

    just looking for a little tip,thanks
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