Hi all,
Quick question (again showing my lack of knowledge in many things electrical). I know related questions have been asked and answered many times, but I'm worried that I might be missing something.

Goal: plug in usb, have it power the teensy (4.1 in this case), but NOT the rest of the PCB. I way too often forget to cut the connection between the pads on the bottom till it's too late, so looking for a solution where I don't have to worry about it (these PCB boards get expensive!). Right now I simply have a schottky diode on the Vin pin on the teensy. Anode towards incoming 5V power supply. Cathode towards Vin. Is this enough? Is this right? In normal operation, there would be no USB cable attached, just Vin. Just in the off chance a USB cable gets attached without power turned on for the rest of the board, I want to make sure nothing gets fried.

Thank you!